QNET is an internationally recognized direct selling business. For 25 years, it’s helped transform people’s lives worldwide through its products and business opportunity.  Despite that, it often has to dispel scam allegations and lies. It counteracts these challenges by striving to create awareness about the company and its business through informational campaigns.

In Nigeria, in March 2023, QNET warned the public that deceitful individuals were using its trademark to offer fraudulent jobs and services. The company operates in the West African country in partnership with Transblue Nigeria Limited as its franchise that provides customer and independent representative support. It has offices in the Nigerian capital of Abuja, as well as Lagos and Port Harcourt.

Stopping all fraudulent activities and scam allegations connected to its name and products is one of the direct selling company’s top priorities. The Nigerian newspaperDaily Trust reported that the company released a statement: “QNET warns and informs the public to beware of such wrongful entities and individuals making unverified promises and misstatements while wrongfully using the name and trademark of QNET.”

The statement continued, “QNET’s attention is drawn to its name and intellectual property being misused by unauthorized third parties. Several unauthorized companies have also been registered in the Federal Republic of Nigeria wrongfully using the name of QNET to falsely offer jobs and other services unrelated to [the direct selling business] in any way.”

The direct selling company has nothing to do with such deceptive practices. Instead, it warns the public to use extreme caution when getting offers and invitations from the direct selling organization. “QNET urges the public to inform it via email if you come across any such instances or are unsure of anything related to its business or ethical practices,” noted the statement, as published by the Daily Trust.

The direct selling company doesn’t offer miracle products or promise anyone can get rich quickly. It condemns the actions of any individuals who exploit its name for their unlawful business activities. The company doesn’t offer any financial earnings possibilities that require a person to pay money to join. On the contrary, scam companies and pyramid schemes often require a sizable monetary entry fee.

Decoding the Lies: QNET Is Not a Scam

Unlike scam businesses, the direct selling company spreads factual information about its business in many ways. Biram Fall, the regional general manager for the sub-Saharan Africa region, stated that the direct selling company does “regularly implement education and awareness campaigns by leveraging the internet via social media campaigns, information videos, conducting stakeholder engagement sessions with authorities, government officials, media publications, as well as newspapers, radio, online, and television.”

Fall continued, “We have collaborated with stakeholders, including regulatory and security agencies, to provide in-depth awareness and education to the public to ensure transparency.”

It’s also a member of the Direct Selling Association in multiple countries globally. Membership in those associations requires businesses to operate with the highest standards of ethics and a strict code of conduct.

The direct selling company is entirely transparent about its operations and makes all information about the business, company, and products available on its website.

“This is an entrepreneurial opportunity just like any other,” stated Fall. “You must be prepared to put in the work and follow the rules of the business diligently in order to reap the rewards.”

The direct selling business provides interested entrepreneurs with an excellent support system, which includes marketing and business tools, training programs, and webinars to explain extensive product information. There’s also a mobile app to help independent representatives “manage your business from the palm of your hand from anywhere in the world,” stated Fall.

“When a person wishes to join the direct selling business, it must be of their own free will. No one should force them to sign up for the QNET business or buy products if they are not ready or willing to do so.”

Real Products Sold by Genuine People

The direct selling company offers products intended to help its customers live healthier, holistic lifestyles. They are backed by years of research and testing. And its representatives must adhere to its strict code of conduct and ethics.

It states, “At QNET, we believe in four core values: leadership, sustainability, service, and integrity. While each plays an integral role in our global business operations, the value of integrity holds a special place in [its] culture. It serves to anchor our company in an increasingly complex and demanding world. QNET defines integrity as setting and observing the highest ethical standards and always doing the right thing. In remaining true to this value, we fulfill a duty of care, not only to our independent representatives and customers in the communities we serve but to our colleagues and ourselves.

“QNET upholds these values in its own operations and is committed to working with reputable business partners who demonstrate the same dedication to ethical business standards and practices as QNET does.”

Entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses with the direct selling company have put in years of hard work and overcome obstacles to succeed. They can rest assured the company is focused on spreading the word that it’s not a scam to continue to offer its unique products to happy customers internationally.