If a business wants to make an impact on its customers, whether it be to convey a brand message or to mark them out as different from the competition; custom envelope printing is a tried and true method.

Numerous studies have already shown that recipient engagement rises dramatically when customised envelope printing is used, and it stands to reason. Most people aren’t interested by yet another series of white, dull square envelopes – when opting for a direct mailing, show them something they don’t see every day and they will be more inclined to look inside.

Unique envelop printing with online specialists

There was a time however when custom envelope printing wasn’t really an option for a business unless they were lucky enough to live near a specialist printer. Even then, the chances are that unless they put in an enormous bulk order, it would not be a wise move in terms of cost. The rise of the internet however has led to a growth in opportunities for businesses by taking advantage of online printing services. There, the customisation options are limited only by your imagination. Square envelopes are still popular and now they can be customized for every company; colours, custom text, even the material the envelope is printed on – all are subject to change in line with your taste and the image you want to present with your business correspondence.

The benefits of custom online printing

There are many benefits for business that look online for their custom printing of envelopes, the first and most obvious of which is cost. Online exclusive businesses don’t need to foot the cost of physical store front, which means they’re able to pass on the, occasionally quite substantial savings, on to their customers. You also get a benefit in terms of customer service. When you’re dealing with specialists you know you’re going to get quality and attention to detail in your final delivery. You’re also generally able to have samples delivered to your door before you buy, as well as a host of payment protection to ensure the safety of your transaction. Delivery is quick and efficient, and further discounts can be had by placing bulk orders which are conveniently delivered straight to you. There’s also the fact that online printing specialists are able to offer you almost infinite choice in terms of what you would like on your business’ envelopes, which means that it’s easier than ever to let your creativity flow.

Online printing is an easy, affordable, and reliable way of making your business stand out.