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How to recognise a perfect conference venue

Organising a conference is definitely not a piece of cake. To do it properly you have to rise up to the higher heights of your organisational skills and resistance to stress because, despite sounding innocent, it is a highly complex and labour intensive task. But don’t worry – there is a hack to make it smoother and less stressful. And that is choosing a perfect conference venue.

I know it may sound cliché but truth being told – a conference venue matters most of all checkpoints in event organisation as it influences the further decisions and amount of work to be done. By choosing a conference venue recklessly you deprive yourself of powerful weapon which could help you wrap your head around it all. So how to choose a perfect one?

Features of a perfect conference venue


The very first thing to consider is a location. You must think where your attendees will be coming from and which place will be easily accessible for them. It will not only pamper a little bit your guests but also will increase the turnout of the event. Check whether the chosen place is close to the airport if needed and well-served by public transportation, like for example conference center Kraków in Poland. 

Perfect size

When choosing a venue you also have to take into consideration the size of your conference. Don’t bite off more that you can chew and try to match the venue size to the conference size. If you choose too big one you will end up in a half empty room which would make your event look not very successful. And on the contrary – if you choose too small the guest will be squeezed and the place overcrowded which also isn’t desired. Define first how many attendees you expect and choose wisely.

Solid technology

An important thing is also checking whether the venue of your choice is technically viable and whether you will be able to organise the whole event the way you want. You have to make sure that it has all the necessary audio and visual equipment, multimedia setups, solid sound system and sufficient network capabilities in order not to be surprised at the last minute.

Additional facilities for guests

Last but not least – one of the most crucial factors when choosing the venue is its potential for being attractive for guests. Before deciding on any venue you should consider what facilities it provides, what catering options are available, whether the alcoholic drinks are allowed, what are the décor restrictions or how many parking spots there are and where they are located. Checking those will save you a lot of stress and will make the conference a memorable experience for your invitees.

Full time MBAs- will your business school help you finding employment?

When you have gone through a full time MBA, the last thing you want to have to worry about is finding employment. Though you will have been primed for success by the time this moment comes, it can be hard to take the practical steps necessary to move forward in your career. 

That is why most schools help finding employment once you leave with your MBA degree in hand, especially if you have attained the degree at an establishment which has specialised in business, such as the Hult International Business School. The school holds the prestigious Triple Crown accreditation, meaning that it is part of the three major business accreditation associations in the world: the Association of MBAs (AMBA) from the United States, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AASB) from the United Kingdom, and the European Foundation for Management Development Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) of the European Union. It is the only American business school to hold triple accreditation.

Why your business school would help you finding employment 

It’s likely that when you leave your business school with your MBA in hand, by that time you will have been given the tools and resources you need to have in your roster in order to be successful in life after schooling. Or, as many people put it, ‘real life.’ 

These resources and tools range from being a student for life, to networking and attending career appointments from successful and notable alumni to help you further your career. Business schools offer such help to you finding employment once you have your MBA degree as not only does it benefit you, but it is simply good practice in business on their behalf. 

For example, a high employment rate after graduation is something for a business school to boast about. This in turn keeps business good because it creates greater scope for reasons when students come to choosing their place of schooling. Naturally students choose a place which offers them a higher likelihood of employment once they are finished and have completed their degree. 

Ways your business school will help you find employment 

The job search in this day and age is overwhelming and it can be hard work, with the accessibility of finding work fantastic thanks to our digital age, but also a seemingly never-ending task, as there are now so many choices available online and so many ways to apply to those choices it makes searching for work sometimes seem like a job in itself. 

Most schools, however, especially business schools, can help you direct your search down a particular route. They will have an online service themselves where they will post job advertisements relevant to their students’ studies and also potentially within this a community hub for their alumni and new graduates to connect, along with practical tips and hints which can be applied at interviews and in applications. 

Another way your business school can help you in finding employment with their own alumni is through reunion events and alumni clubs, which sometimes count in the tens of thousands. Here you will be able to exchange information with one another which will help aid the success of each party in the long run and help keep everybody current and up to date with their knowledge about the world of business. 

How you can help yourself finding employment 

You have your MBA as a suit of armour and you’re halfway there – the only real way you can go about finding employment after your degree is by being proactive yourself. No amount of alumni events can get you a job or even get you through the doors of those events, only you can. 

It’s also worth noting that with the knowledge of networking in mind, you are going to have to accept that you are indeed a life-long student once you have attained your MBA degree, and that means accepting that you will need to think a little harder about the business school that you choose to attend, because the alumni will matter to them, and as we have learned throughout the course of this article, you. 

There is also another point worth mentioning around an MBA aiding your employment. It is, after all, essentially a business management degree. With this in mind, don’t just think of the job but also the journey. If you can manage somebody else’s business –  you can also do this with your own business. 

So, it wouldn’t be an aversion for anyone if you were to go into business yourself following the successful completion of your MBA degree. You can probably even find offers to get some mentorship within – again – the alumni of your business school if you do choose to go down that route. Being an entrepreneur is just like being any other kind of professional in business.

Again, with these networking events, you could even find someone to invest in your bright idea if you decide it is something worth doing. And again, there are many ways your business school can help you finding work, but ultimately, your success comes down to your work you put in.  

Reasons Why Your Marketing Efforts Could Lead to a Disastrous Result

When you launch a marketing campaign, you hope that your business will become popular and many people will find the ads interesting. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. It is possible that the reverse happens. Instead of enticing potential buyers, they end up getting turned off. Although you don’t expect everyone to like the campaign, you don’t plan for things to get worse. These are the possible reasons why instead of boosting your popularity, the reverse might happen.

The information is insensitive

You need to be cautious with the information you put out there. Sometimes, in your effort to be funny, you end up offending people. Make sure that you think about all the words or even the photos you use in your marketing campaign before releasing them. Ask your other employees if they find the injected humour offensive. You can’t pursue a campaign that will most likely hurt your chances of boosting your company’s popularity.

You didn’t make any effort

When you release a marketing campaign, you need to ensure top quality. Whether you are going to post wide roller banners or publish a YouTube promotional video, you can’t settle for anything less. Give people the reason to at least view the ads and eventually buy. When they see that you didn’t even care about the aesthetic appeal or the quality of the content, they will not feel attracted at all.

There were tons of errors

Imagine putting up a roller banner riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Instead of convincing people to buy what you offer, you end up pushing them away. They will think that your company is careless in all its dealings. If you couldn’t get the correct spelling in a banner, it could be worse with the quality of your products. Therefore, it helps if you proofread any information you put out there.

You used an inappropriate photo

Your ads need images to make them alive. It helps if you use exciting images of people using your products or symbols that best represent your brand. The problem is when you use a picture that doesn’t represent your brand and it’s also inappropriate. For instance, you might use one that contains sexy models when you are advertising to kids.

Another problem is when you use a stock photo showing images of people that are not representative of the target audience at all. You need to use original pictures and use real people as your models. Let your marketing team determine the appropriateness of the images, along with the other employees in your company.

You need to think twice before you post any campaign online or print any poster. You can’t take things back when they are already out there. You can apologise for the mistake, but people will already have formed their opinion of you. It might be tough winning their hearts back after breaking their trust. They will move on to other options.

Excursion with StalkerWay and Its Estimated Safety and Advantages

Excursion with StalkerWay and Its Estimated Safety and Advantages

The 2010s have become the years of the renascence of the Chernobyl topic. A line of famous video games, novels, and episodes (have you already watched HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’?) show that people are still eager for a so-called ‘Soviet post-apocalypse’ topic. It is quite terrific but attracting to most people, whether if they are enthusiasts or not familiar with it at all. 

Movies and games cannot render the full set of emotions as a live trip can. Luckily, now it is possible and affordable to order a trip to Chernobyl zone and see the mysterious territory of the biggest disaster of the 20th century. For instance, Ukraine has got a range of extreme tourism providers ready to arrange a Chernobyl trip for you. One of the most experienced and reliable is called StalkerWay. Let’s get known what they are ready to present you.

Variety of Places to Visit with StalkerWay
StalkerWay is a company with about 10 years of experience in Chernobyl excursion arrangement. Its experienced tour guides have been searching for the most spectacular and festinating places of the Chernobyl zone to visit. Here is what you are going to see:

  • Town of Pripyat– a silent lifeless town near Chernobyl nuclear plant used to be home for the personnel and families. Being a model Soviet city, it is full of typical architecture sights. Plus, it is a perfect example of nature’s struggle with humanity: after over than 30 years of abandonment, the city has gone overgrown with trees and grass.
  • The Red forest – famous forest where you can observe the full impact on nature cast by the nuclear disaster. Being a regular mixed forest, it covers its visitors with mystery and suspense.
  • Kopachi village – a village with a famous kindergarten. Also, our clients will have a chance to speak with returnees and those who refused to leave.
  • Finally, the nuclear plant itself. Only our clients will be guided to the nearest possible point to observe a nuclear plant. This is your chance to see the symbol of human’s carelessness and irresponsibility.

Many more interesting places to observe, take a photo of and study is waiting for you. StalkerWay will make the fullest trip for you and your friends.

Is It Safe to Travel with StalkerWay?
Here, in StalkerWay, the safety of our clients is our biggest concern. We conduct training and preparations before every trip. You will always be guided by an experienced person ready to solve every trouble. We provide our clients with equipment and legal documents. However, it does not mean you should travel light. Here is a minimal amount of things you need to take with you:

  • A personal document that can prove your identity and the right to stay in Ukraine, if needed (ID card, passport).
  • Set of personal medicine – a guide will provide you with a medical kit if needed, but if you are obliged to take any specific medicine, bring them with you.
  • Clothes and accessories according to the season and weather – be ready to walk through high grass and under the rain.
  • Personal food, if needed – you will be provided with meals, but if you require any special food, we humbly recommend you to take it with you. The same statement concerns little snacks and water.

Consider it a country trip and prepare yourself accordingly. All clients of StalkerWay get insurance. So, it is absolutely safe to travel with us. For a relatively little fee, you will get a full spectrum of emotions and turn another page of your life achievements.

Moscow businessmen earned a trillion rubles for purchases

Moscow Vice Mayor in the Government of Moscow on economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Efimov declared the total amount of purchases from small and medium enterprises in Moscow for five years on June 6th at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019.

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is a unique annual international event in the world of economics and business. Every year at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, held with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation, more than 5,000 representatives of political and business circles, leading scientists, members of the public and the media from around the world gather to discuss key current issues.

This year Moscow authorities have presented advanced procurement practices and technical solutions that qualitatively change the contract system at the SPIEF.

Moscow Deputy Mayor on economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Efimov at the SPIEF 2019 has described the business environment in the capital of Russia. Efimov has stated the following: “Moscow creates open, transparent and equal conditions for business in the procurement market. Specific attention is always paid to participation in the procurement of small businesses. According to the statistics, for a period of five years Moscow customers have made deals with small business for a total amount of 1 trillion rubles.  Today there is a growing trend in the share of small businesses in the city order of the capital.  From the point of view of a retrospective comparison over seven years, the share of purchases from small businesses increased 12 times. The share of small and medium enterprises accounted for up to 40 percent of the total volume of purchases for the last year.”

The automated information system “Supplier Portal” was created by the Government of Moscow to ease small-volume procurement procedures. The online resource helps to increase the competition of potential suppliers, gives an opportunity to objectively evaluate the existing market of offers and analyze information on the fulfillment of obligations by suppliers from government and commercial customers.

As Gennady Degtev, Head of the Moscow Department for Competition Policy, has stated, Moscow procurement market is becoming increasingly interesting for suppliers from the regions.

“Last year share of regional suppliers have accounted precisely for 25 percent of the total volume of Moscow’s purchases from small and medium enterprises. The main source of growth in the presence of small businesses from different parts of the country has become an online resource “Supplier Portal” which was created as a tool for automating the process of small purchases. The system is now in high demand. From 100 to 200 new users are registered on the Internet resource per day. Such an active interest allows us to predict an increase in the share of regional suppliers in the procurement of Moscow to 30 percent this year, ”said Gennady Degtev.

Nowadays over 150 thousand commercial organizations from all over the country are posting offers on goods, works and services on the “Supplier Portal”.

Technical capabilities of the “Supplier Portal” for small purchases in electronic form are used by customers from more than 30 regions.

How Dominica’s tourism industry recovered after Hurricane Maria

In September 2017, Dominica was pummelled by Hurricane Maria during one of the most devastating hurricane seasons on record. The category 5 storm mercilessly tore through the country, killing 65 people, damaging up to 98% of Dominica’s buildings, and causing more than $1.3 billion worth of damages and losses.

This devastation had a significant effect on the island’s economic lifeblood—its tourism industry. Approximately 40% of Dominica’s hotel rooms were destroyed while many of the most popular visitor sites were ruined. The repercussions were immediately felt, with an 88.4% drop in visitors during the first half of 2018. With an economy so reliant on tourism, one of the island’s many priorities was to recover from the damage done to this industry and, miraculously, it seems to have managed. Dominica reported a strong 2018 fourth-quarter performance, welcoming 22,178 arrivals during this time, a massive 95% increase on the same period in 2017. Here’s how the tiny country made its recovery.

Investment programmes gave hospitality businesses a lifeline

With the country’s hospitality industry in tatters, the Dominican government moved quickly to try and get its hotels up and running again. One main contributor to this renewal has been the country’s citizenship by investment program, which significantly helped fund the hospitality industry’s campaign to rebuild. Run by the government’s Citizenship by Investment Unit, this scheme involves donations from foreign investors, in return for Dominican citizenship. These contributions are made either through various public sector projects, or by purchasing real estate, both of which help support the rebuilding, expansion, and reopening of hotels affected by the hurricane.

Just a few months on from the disaster, the Fort Young hotel partially reopened. This included 41 out of its 71 rooms, plus amenities like its pool, bar, and spa services. In the following three months, the hotel reported strong booking figures, showing a clear positive impact from the program. Many other hotels funded by citizenship by investment have re-opened or are set to, including the Secret Bay—with all-new private plunge pools and an eatery already available across six villas —and Soufriere-based Jungle Bay, which will re-open in June. Meanwhile, new resorts are also in the pipeline until full completion, thanks in no small part to money from international CBI participants.

Government funding and “voluntourists” helped tourist sites recover

The government pumped around $6 million into the reconstruction and repair of popular tourist attractions after the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. In fact, 21 out of 23 of the top sites visited by tourists re-opened between January and September 2018. The Ministry of Tourism has also used the money to improve the country’s marketing, as a way to encourage tourists to keep coming back.

Besides funding rehabilitation projects with its own efforts, Dominica relied on the help of volunteers from around the world to clean up tourist sites. For these travellers, the situation represented the perfect opportunity to experience a beautiful Caribbean island while simultaneously helping it to bounce back from disaster. Called “voluntourism”, its impact on Dominica has been huge.

By clearing debris and overhang from forests, as well as removing garbage from the sea to protect wildlife, popular sites like Trafalgar Falls, the Syndicate Nature Trail, and Freshwater Lake were able to reopen. However, locations like the 114-mile Waitukubuli National Trail are still in need of further work, primarily due to its sheer scale. As the work requires no training, almost anyone can sign up, and hotels like Fort Young are even offering voluntourism holiday packages.

Advantages in Creating and Selling Your Own Digital Product

When you have your own online business, it makes sense to create your own digital product to complement what you are already doing. It is essential to spend a lot of effort into creating the right product and of high-quality. There are various kinds of products that you can develop, ranging from training materials to software. You can even create bundled services. Still not convinced it’s worth your time, effort, and resources? Here are some compelling reasons to create and sell your own digital product:  

  • It is easy to scale your product.

When you create and sell your own products online, it is easy to scale it. Every single time you introduce a new product is an opportunity to make more money. The more products you develop; the more money you can make without having to increase the amount of time that you are actually working. You can spend the same amount of time and resources without having to split the profits with other vendors and merchants (like in traditional affiliate marketing, for example).   

  • People will perceive you as an expert.

This works especially for service-based online providers such as personal coaches, web developers, copywriters, etc. People will see you as an authority in your chosen niche if you have a compelling product that demonstrates your expertise. This proof can help you create a perception of proficiency in your chosen field. If people like what they see, you will be able to build trust and reputation, and they will begin to anticipate every product that you release. They will also most likely consider purchasing whatever you recommend to them.    

  • There are many ways to advertise your own product online.   

If you already have a blog and a considerable number of traffic and followers, then it makes it easier to market your product or service since you already have a platform and an audience to sell it to. However, other than your own website or your blog, there are other different innovative ways to advertise your own product online. For example, you can do it through social media, affiliate marketing, or banner advertising marketplaces like Click2sell.co, among others.

  • It can increase your client base.

If you have your own product, you will also have an opportunity to increase your clients base significantly. There are several ways to make this happen, such as partnering with an already established online business, company, or brand (relevant to your niche, obviously) with a large built-in client list, or through an affiliate marketing program in which your partners can sell your product for you.

  • You will have total control of your product.

When you create and sell your own product, you can control its pricing, marketing, and sales. You can utilize systems like Social Garden that allows you to create highly-targetted email marketing campaigns by promoting the right products to the right people. You can even boost the performance and profitability of your product through A/B testing landing and sales pages, and adding upsells and cross-sells.

If you are serious about growing your online business, having a high-quality digital product is one of the best ways to expand it. It will ensure consistent income and will make people aware of your brand and what you have to offer.    

How international investment has revitalised Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism industry

The twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda has really come into its own in recent times, transforming from an under the radar gem into one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations. The country is currently in the midst of a tourism boom, and welcomed over 268,000 visitors throughout 2018. This is a rise of almost 10% on the previous year, and one of the fastest growth rates in the Caribbean.

This boom has been fueled by a surge in foreign investment in the past few years, with international financiers taking an increasing interest in improving Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism and infrastructure. More and more foreign investors have recently started to recognise the country’s enormous potential as a tourist destination, and have heavily invested in the country as a result. By reinvigorating its tourism industry, the twin-island nation has become more attractive to holidaymakers and is much better-placed to accommodate them.

Why Antigua and Barbuda is attracting investors

Like other developing countries, investors are attracted to Antigua and Barbuda due to its clear potential for economic growth and, therefore, moneymaking opportunities. With its pristine beaches and year-round sunshine, the country’s tourism industry represented an obvious way to stimulate this growth, and so it has proven. Antigua and Barbuda has enjoyed exceptional economic growth in recent years, thus vindicating the decision of investors to put money into the sector.

Prior to 2014, the twin-island nation’s economy was floundering, experiencing -1.0035% growth since 2008. Yet, the twin-island nation recorded an average annual growth of 4.5% between 2014 and 2018, coinciding with a rise in foreign investors during this period. By comparison, the US economy grew by just 2.415% in the same time frame, and Antigua and Barbuda is now described as “one of the Caribbean’s most prosperous nations”.

Where investors have put their money

The launch of Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship by investment program was a watershed moment for attracting foreign investment, by making it easier than ever for investors to bring money into the country. Set up in 2013, the country’s citizenship by investment initiative enables non-native individuals to obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship in return for their outlay. In order to obtain a second passport, they can either make a contribution to the country’s National Development Fund or the West Indies Fund, buy government-approved real estate, or invest in a pre-approved business. Each of these routes has a minimum investment amount—for instance, those buying real estate must make a contribution of at least £346,000.

This programme has injected significant money into Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism industry since its inception, playing a major part in its recent success. For instance, the real estate fund has reinvigorated hotels across the country, including Hermitage Bay Hotel, Jolly Beach Vacations, and Trafalgar Beach Resort. Meanwhile, money put into the programme’s business investment fund has helped a number of tourist companies thrive, such as Freetown Destination Resort, The Verandah Resort and Spa, and Freetown Hotel Development.

As well as the money pumped in through the country’s citizenship by investment programme, financiers from around the world have also been investing in the tourism industry independently. For instance, International hotel chain Rosewood Hotels & Resorts announced in 2018 that it was opening a new resort on the site of the iconic Half Moon Bay Hotel. Around the same time, Hollywood actor Robert De Niro also revealed that his company Nobu were planning to invest £192 million into a new Barbuda resort called Paradise Found, while Hilton’s Waldorf Astoria brand will open its first hotel there in 2020. China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation was also awarded a £69 million contract to modernise the Deepwater Harbour port in 2018.

The wider impact of foreign investment on Antigua and Barbuda

With tourism accounting for around 13% of the country’s GDP, it’s safe to say the sector has played a huge part in the incredible economic growth experienced by Antigua and Barbuda in recent years. It is obvious just how much of an impact foreign investment in the industry has had on the country as a whole.

This economic growth has, in turn, helped to boost the rate of employment in Antigua and Barbuda. Data from the World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC) revealed that travel and tourism directly generated 5,000 jobs in 2017. These included employment by hotels, airlines, and travel agents, as well as other industries supported by tourists, such as the restaurant and leisure sectors. The industry’s huge contribution to the economy is also forecasted to keep rising, with the WTTC predicting it will increase by 4.7% annually between 2018 and 2028.

The recent success of Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism industry could not have been achieved without foreign investment. This has paved the way for a much brighter future for the twin-island nation, which is set for a period of prolonged prosperity.

A Guide To Buying Property – How Not To Miss Things

On paper, buying a property adds up to a relatively simple process. In reality, it typically turns out to be nothing of the sort. With dozens of equally important considerations to factor in, it’s common for at least one or two things along the way to go overlooked.

So for those planning ahead or already in the process of buying a property, here’s a quick ten-point checklist covering the most important things not to miss:

1. Establish Your Goals 

First up, you need to think carefully about why it is you’re buying a property. A stepping stone to a larger home? An investment to make money long-term? The intention to eventually let your property out to tenants? Carefully consider tomorrow, not just today.

2. Consider Your Budget

In addition, you’ll need to be realistic with how much you can spend. This means factoring in deposit requirements, interest rates, potential overall borrowing costs and so on. Don’t make the mistake of stretching your finances to breaking point – you may live to regret it.

3. Explore Funding Options

Remember that there are countless funding options to explore beyond typical High Street mortgages. Examples of which include bridging finance (aka bridging loans), development finance and a variety of specialist secured loans for property purchases.

4. Research the Market 

80% of a property’s current and future value may be determined by its location alone. Even if you’re completely blown away by the property itself, careful market research should be carried out before making any important decisions.

5. Find the Right Property 

In addition, the intended purpose of the property will determine whether or not it’s the right property for you. If you’re planning to rent out or sell your property, you need to consider the requirements, preferences and expectations of those who will be living there, as opposed to your own.

6. Enlist Support  

Expert support should be sought from the earliest possible stage, in the form of an independent broker or financial adviser. This will help steer your decisions in the right direction and provide access to the best funding options on the market.

7.  Remain Objective

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you – try to make your property purchase decisions objectively and strategically.

8. Seek Pre-Approval

Rather than wrecking your credit score with failed applications, it’s good to seek pre-approval where possible. Again, an independent broker can help determine your eligibility, prior to formalising your application for funding.

9. Plan for the Unexpected

Carefully consider whether you’re in a strong enough financial position to weather any eventuality that may come your way. Circumstances often change quickly and without warning – are you confident you can keep up with your repayment obligations long-term?

10. Be Patient

Last but not least, it can be tempting to dive head-first into a property purchase after finding your perfect home. Unfortunately, rushing things can be a recipe for disaster. Take your time, consider your options carefully and listen to the advice of your independent adviser. It could be the most important decision you ever make – it’s not the time to be making rushed decisions.

A Brief to Custom Product Labels for Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes

Product labels plays a pivotal role in any product’s marketing and advertisement mix and it is pretty important to a brand’s identity and perceived integrity not to rush or scrimp on them. That little bit of extra quality on your print finish can make all the difference. The cost implications of opting for premium label printing over a cheaper service are not significant. Some label printing companies, like label.co.uk for example have label calculators on their websites, so you can look at the cost differences between different finishes, sizes, quantities etc.

Make sure you factor in delivery cost as well as this will also have to be factored in when calcuating your final cost per unit.  

There are few of the key factors that should always be kept in mind when designing your own custom product label and they are as follows.

  1. The look and feel of your product label will make all the difference to your product’s shelf appeal. Those initial seconds are your opportunity to make a great first impression
  2. Even if a customer doesn’t pick up your product, making your design memorable and distinctive gives your product a greater chance of sticking in the mind of shoppers. They might not be in the market for a product like yours now, but you want to be first in mind when they are
  3. Many targeted customers subconsciously make a judgement on the quality of a product based on the look and feel of the label. This is why it is recommended to always go for the best quality printing, material and finish you can afford        
  4. Be clear and concise. Don’t clutter your label with non-essential information – that stuff can be saved for your website.

Your label provider can be much more than just a silent supplier. The larger label companies work with manufacturers of a vast array of products and packaging style. Their experience in working with a multitude of brands and seeing what works and what doesn’t is invaluable knowledge that you can tap into.  In those scenarios your label supplier becomes more of a partner and an advisor – afterall, they’re the guys with the expertise so it makes sense to ask their advice.

Despite the retail sector in the UK experiencing a downturn, custom printed product labels are in high demand these days. The growing craft food & drink industries, CBD products, vitamin supplements and plant-based dietary foods are all fuelling demand for label printing and despite the fact that many of these products will be sold purely online and never actually see a physical shop shelf, the same rules of shelf appeal apply.

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