Folding chairs can provide solutions to seating in many different environments. The key benefits of folding chairs are space saving and portability, making them ideal for areas where space is at a premium or where furniture needs to be moved on a regular basis.

Folding chairs are designed for short-term use; unlike other office chairs, they are not ergonomically designed for comfort. However, for any situation requiring temporary seating, such as a work meeting, family event or other gathering, folding chairs could be an ideal solution.

Furniture At Work stocks a comprehensive range of folding chairs for every occasion.

Space Saving

The ideal environment for folding chairs is one where seating is required occasionally, but the space is used for other purposes at other times. Folding chairs can easily be stacked and stored without taking up too much room in a storage room, warehouse, garage or shed when not in use.

Schools and businesses use folding chairs for events such as assemblies, meetings and staff parties. Folding chairs can also be highly efficient when planning an event such as a wedding, or any other type of gathering where seating is required but only temporarily.

Lightweight and Portable

Folding chairs are typically made from lightweight materials and are highly portable. People who regularly host parties, organise sporting events, hold employee meetings or require seating for any other occasion on a regular basis could invest in a set of folding chairs for every occasion. Folding chairs can be stacked neatly and stored away without taking up much space when not being used, so they can be easily stored and brought out as required.


Folding chairs are available in a variety of materials, each of which has benefits to offer depending on the circumstances of use. Chairs designed to be used outdoors need to be weather-resistant, so plastic or wood without padding are often the best choices. Chairs designed for indoor use can be made to be more comfortable with fabric pads. Vinyl padding is a good option for a more comfortable chair that is also suitable for outdoor use.


Most folding chairs are durable enough to be used for several years without requiring replacement or too much maintenance.

When the chairs are used regularly, they should be checked for damage before and after use – cracks in plastic or wood, bent legs, loose screws or rivets, damaged welding and rust can all cause deterioration over time.

However, folding chairs are both durable and cost-effective, so the need to replace the odd one or two here and there will be infrequent and cheap.


The range of folding chairs available from Furniture At Work allows for customisation to suit any type of occasion or purpose. Options include a variety of materials, some of which are weather-resistant, with others designed more for indoor use. The choice of colours, materials and styles means a design can be chosen for any number of priorities, including style, portability, cost, durability, comfort and lightness.

Where folding chairs are required for regular use in various locations, a folding chair cart will make them even more portable. Chairs can be folded and stacked neatly onto the wheeled cart to be transported between venues easily and frequently.