It is evident that the bathroom is the smallest room in the house compared to other areas but goes through multiple changes and renovation annually than any separate place. Over the years homeowners have always had to spend a tremendous amount of money to make the bathroom look great, which eventually leads to buying expensive pieces of equipment and accessories for the bathroom. With the generation moving forward in many aspects so also, there is headway success in the invention of new types of equipment and devices for household use. Home appliances have been having a significant makeover, and its manufacturers were able to find the result to introduce it in the market. When it comes to shower and all its accessories, the average shower system have a swivelling nozzle aiming down on the user and typically sprays hot or cold water. However, people can find different types of shower style these days with all the adjustable screws and nuts to keep it in place. Many people want to maintain and have a great set of the shower that does not pose problems like the common ones available in the market. There is a vast difference between shower panels and shower system as wall panels brought more developments and upgrades to the accessories that were not available before.

If you are planning to get your bathroom renovated or remodelled, worry not, as the new brands of shower wall panels provide some of the best features that you have ever seen. Before getting into the details of the features that makes shower panels as cool and handy as they are, consider this, you want a makeover for your bathroom, or divine inspiration drove you to want to remodel your old toilet; however you have a busy household or just the one bathroom for daily use. In such given scenario and many others, it becomes a problem to start work or wait it out to finish the renovation process. The issue will get even harder in case of using materials like wallpaper, paints or tiles as it all requires careful steps to dry and install. When using wallpapers as it is paper or processed plastic paper, it is prone to soaking in case of paper and tearing off quickly in case of plastic sheets. Paints come in high volumes that claim to have a plastic coating to enable cleaning off dirt with water, but in many circumstances, the colors remain good through some months or nearly a year after which it begins to come off as flake or even worst begins to accumulate fungal mildew that spreads through the walls of the house. Tiles are the most common wall covering, but there are many flaws when using it. The first issue being costly, the installation process requires installers to get specific drills to make holes in case of putting dowels and pegs to hang particular objects, which leads to cracks on the surface as the material is fragile, and the grout increases collection of dust and dirt is eventually spreading all over the house.

The factors associated with wall panels are ideal for every homeowner as it provides convenient installation, cheap price ranges, lasts long, and easy to replace. Always opt for wall panels when you make plans to remodel your bathroom to give it a classier or vintage looks without having to waste time or spending a fortune in the process. The various feature and advantage will surely wake your interest in using the product.

1) Keeping labour cost down with easy and quick to fit facilities

The best benefit about using shower wall panels is that you can install it without having to hire additional hands, however, if you still need help, professional installers can assist at reasonable charges for the services. It is less time-consuming, and many companies provide customer helpline for clients to post their queries to get the most of the materials.

2) A long lasting product with low maintenance

Shower wall panels are the safest and sturdiest material that can withstand the daily wear and tear as opposed to tile, which is prone to breaking when something heavy falls on it. If you prefer the appearance of tiles do not worry as the wall panels are also available in tile designs. Due to the numerous varieties of wall panel designs available in the market, you can pick your choice of style, including tile fashion at a lower price with less labour and less time consumption.

3) No dangers of grouting or black spots on the wall

Wall panels for bathrooms, showers, rooms, and kitchen are 100% waterproof with no grouting, which means you need not worry about water sipping into the surface of the material, soaking it, leaving black spots or moulds, and spread all kinds of allergies and diseases risking the health of the household. Tiles, on the other hand, attracts and builds cavity due to the grout on its surface, which eventually leads to the foul smell, spreading of holes and stain the surface by fungal spots.

4) Ideal for covering any irregularities on imperfect walls

The more you read about the advantages of wall panel materials you will be beyond convinced that it is the right product for you. Of all the difficulties of renovating or remodelling any rooms in the house, the tiresome job of stripping and scraping off the old covering is the most difficult and time-consuming. The good news is that you do not have to worry about all such trivialities as you can straightaway fix the wallboards on top of the old covering without having to scrap it off. Even for surfaces like the tiles, the wall panels can stick appropriately without any problem. Other coatings include brick walls, plastered walls, plastic coverings, ceramic tiles, etc.

5) Shower wall panels reduce energy cost by insulation

Each shower wall panel is 8mm thick, which keeps the heat from the radiator, save when it gets cold outside unlike the cold tiles.