From navy living rooms lined with books to midnight-coloured bathrooms with copper accents and checkered floors, there is no denying dark, moody spaces are so in right now. Although it depends on the exact specifications of your living spaces, if you are looking to redecorate with a bit of Harry Potter-inspired witchery it’s important to choose colours, accents and décor that strike a balance between the dark and light within your home.

While knocking down walls and adding windows is the most obvious way to overcome this challenge, unfortunately major renovations aren’t an option for everyone. For those of us who are looking for a quick and easy fix, thankfully there’s colour, lighting and mirrors.

Add pops of colour

The most obvious way to create a moody atmosphere within your living spaces is to paint the walls a darker colour, such as deep purple or even black. However, a little too much and you could wind up with a dark and oppressive space that does little to spark joy. Dark furniture can further invoke feelings of dreariness and depression.

Adding colour is the easiest way to make a moody room pop. Spruce up your moody living space with brightly coloured cushions, throws or curtains. You could opt for light accents, or even use metallic paint or chrome to highlight a specific lampshade or ornament. Many homeowners also choose bright and colourful artworks that can immediately brighten up a space, as well as make blank walls a little more interesting.

Traditionally, the best colours to freshen up a moody space are whites and greys, metallics, soft pastels such as lavender or sky blue and neutrals. However, the colours you choose will come down to your specific tastes and the unique specifications of your property. Adding small pops of colour around the room will help to balance your space, while still keeping that cosy, moody atmosphere.

Choose your lighting wisely

Perhaps most important, choose your lighting wisely. Lighting can transform your living areas and be the difference between oppressive darkness and a cosy, moody space.

It’s important to match your lighting to the mood of your living spaces. However, for a deliberately moody interior, you can also layer your lighting. In the corner of your moody living space, opt for a retro lampshade, such as a zorite or drum lampshade that sits about midway up your wall. In the other corner, you may choose to place a bold, vintage lamp atop a credenza or side table and then in the centre of the room, choose a large focal point to hang from the ceiling such as a chandelier or retro lampshade. With a few candles dotted across your coffee table and around the room, you’ll be able to layer your lighting to create a cosy atmosphere any time of day.

The colour of your lighting can also make a difference in setting the atmosphere within your home. Soft, yellow lighting creates a romantic, restful mood while bright, white light can give off a stark, clinical feel. Regardless of the mood you’re looking to create, it’s important to balance your lighting between bright, white light and softer orange and yellow lighting. Balancing the lighting in your home emits a friendlier, more comfortable atmosphere within your interior spaces, and can be the difference between just another house and a warm, welcoming home.

Reflect light with mirrors and maximise natural light

Without a doubt, the best way to transform a dark, oppressive room into a moody, 20th-century professor-esque living space is natural light. If you happen to be refurbishing your home, bifold doors or large, panoramic bay windows work to maximise light within your home as well as allow airflow whatever the time of year. Of course, if you aren’t lucky to have a home with large, expansive panes of exterior glass, there’s always mirrors.

Mirrors reflect light around your home and can make a room seem larger than it actually is, as well as allow light to naturally flow into your interior spaces. If you’re going for a really atmospheric space, you can also place antique mirrors around the room which can bring a historical, older feel to your home, and introduce bright and shiny chrome accents.

Paint your ceiling

When it comes to creating an atmosphere within your interior spaces, your choice of colour when it comes to your ceiling is hugely important. While you may be tempted to paint your ceiling a darker colour in keeping with your desired atmosphere, painting your ceiling a darker colour can actually make your room appear smaller. For a cosy and moody effect that makes your room appear larger and more expansive, we would suggest a white ceiling. White is often used as a ceiling colour for this exact reason. However, if white is too stark you could always opt for a cream or eggshell.


From moody living rooms lined with plenty of books to bathrooms that are navy from floor to ceiling, there is no denying dark, moody spaces are very trendy at the moment. From your choice of furniture and lighting to your colour scheme, there is much to consider when refurbishing your property with dark, moody aesthetics. Perhaps most pertinent, it’s important to get a little bit playful. While bright, bold colours and a funky drum lampshade may feel overwhelming in a darker space, done correctly your choice of interior décor can transform an oppressive atmosphere into a moody yet welcoming oasis. Getting that coveted, Instagram-esque space doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s the opportunity to get creative, bring a moody ambience into your living spaces and transform your house into a warm and welcoming home.