Every time the calendar gets ready to flip to a new year, experts come out of the woodwork and offer their advice for the “best investments.” In most cases, these tidbits of guidance are simply re-hashed versions of previous suggestions. Fortunately, several resources for wise investors have some fresh ideas for 2020, including a different type of IRA, non-standard thoughts about precious metals and clever ways to invest in your own health for a longer, less costly lifestyle.

If you’re looking to re-set your financial thinking as the new year approaches, here are a few of the best ideas from the minds of the world’s monetary gurus, all to be taken with a grain of salt and a healthy amount of due diligence:

Invest in Your Home

People are always saying, “My home is my biggest investment.” If that’s true, shouldn’t we be monitoring that large investment just as we would a huge stock portfolio or a collection of rental properties? Investing in a home means upgrading it when necessary and future-proofing it for our own long-term needs. Two recent approaches to this challenge include the installation of home lifts and having a thorough upgrade of electrical systems. 

In-home elevators, sometimes called residential lifts, are an ideal way to future-proof a home and make it more useful for people who can’t, or don’t want to, negotiate unsafe staircases. Elevators are becoming more common in new homes this decade and are also popular as add-ons in older and existing homes. Having an electrical system check-up makes sense for many reasons. It’s the best way to uncover fire hazards and sub-standard or outdated wiring. Best of all, a professional electrician can upgrade your system to accommodate smart appliances and other newfangled devices that seem to be popping up in every home. 

Consider Roth IRAs

Everything old is new again, and Roth IRAs are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. These after-tax IRAs let people put already-taxed money into a retirement account. The original investments can be withdrawn tax-free at retirement. One advantage Roth’s have over traditional IRAs is that there are fewer restrictions on when funds can be withdrawn and put in. Once the province of wealthy investors only, young folks are now flocking to Roth’s.

Invest in Gold and Silver

Here’s another old piece of advice with a new twist. Silver is the new gold, as many investors are saying, which means that precious metals portfolios are now including an equal portion of the two popular metals. Many young investors are also opting for metals, which were once almost exclusively the domain of middle-aged and senior investors.

Invest in You

In addition to getting yearly medical check-ups, it’s important to monitor your overall health and exercise regularly. Experts say that too many people simply visit a doctor once per year and don’t do anything else to maintain good health. It’s not just about exercise, either. The single most effective way to invest in your health and longevity, according to medical experts, is to eat right. Cut out junk and overly-processed foods. Don’t smoke. Don’t consume more than one or two alcoholic drinks per day and stay active.