Despite the fact that 2020 turned out to be quite difficult, both emotionally and in terms of personal finances, it showed several new opportunities in the field of financial investments. These solutions will be well applicable in 2021.

However, before investing, it is worth considering that each case of investment funds is individual. Here it is worth taking into account the amount of investment, the term for placing funds, the current condition of the market, and, of course, success will depend directly on the chosen instruments. Besides, it must be remembered that any investment is a risk, and the higher the profitability, the higher the risk of losing everything. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to consult with large investment companies such as and discover a more stable direction for investment and increase income.

Main types of investments

Financial investments are not always a direct relationship “money – money”, although competent capital investments allow to recoup itself and bring tangible benefits to the investor.

It is customary to highlight such investment-types:

1. Direct investments

They imply one large monetary contribution to a specific project (deposit, real estate, business).

2. Portfolio investment

Investments are made in several directions at once, which allows creating a portfolio (a selection of potentially profitable projects according to the investor).

3. Intellectual investment

Funds invested in the development and popularization of new technologies (for example, in startups), the development of Internet resources, applications, and programs.

Of course, everyone wants to invest a small amount and become a multimillionaire in a short time, but not everything is so simple. Today, the most profitable and stable areas for investment are intellectual ones. But classic options can also be useful if the investment process is properly organized and there is no mistake in choosing an object. You can find Investment plan templates online at for free which you can edit online in almost all formats and more over you can download them for free.

Where to invest in 2021?

One of the first and classic investment options is real estate. This is the safest way to invest with subsequent profit. Investments in real estate will allow saving at least a part of the invested resources since even in a crisis the object will not completely depreciate. The main advantages of investing in real estate include:

● confidence in the return on investment, which doesn’t happen with investments in stocks and securities;

● the possibility of permanent income in the long term, because real estate is growing in value;

● high demand for rental of premises;

● the reliability of the investment, since it is almost impossible to take away housing from a person if it is issued according to all the rules.

The second popular type of investment is online direction. There are some profitable options here.

1. Investment in websites

Investments in various portals can bring serious profits. These are classic internet investments. It is possible to invest in:

● MFA sites (earnings from contextual advertising);

● sale of sites (it is possible to lease the web platform).

2. Investment in mobile applications

Mobile traffic is growing every year. Almost everyone has a smartphone and uses it to access the Internet. Mobile application development can generate significant profits. It’s recommended to invest in the special software, which:

● provides users with any help;

● accumulates information on a given topic;

● offers to buy a product or service during use.

To be successful, the creation of a high-quality useful mobile application is needed. Such investments on the Internet are quite popular. A huge number of mobile apps for iOS and Android are released every day. However, only a few of them receive recognition from users.

Although 2021 will not be the easiest year for investors due to constant changes in the global market, there are a lot of opportunities for profitable investment of money. The main thing is to choose the right direction and study all the details before the first investment.