Finding a good brokerage company has always been a challenge for novice traders. There are many of them out there. However, if you subscribe to the opinions of experts and examine reviews on the internet, you will find out that there are a lot of entities in the industry that only aim to scheme and put one over unsuspecting traders. There are numerous cases when the operations of a promising company suddenly takes an unfortunate turn and files for bankruptcy. So when choosing a broker, you need to consider all the possible scenarios.

Regulatory organisations are well aware of such problems. In different countries, regulations have been adopted with respect to companies operating in the foreign exchange market. Some of these regulators are stricter that the rest. 

Regulators are expected to foster a high degree of confidence in the financial markets of different countries, strengthen and protect the stability of the financial system, and protect consumer rights by creating rules to help combat market crime such as fraud, abuse, and manipulation. As this is the case, regulators adopt stricter approaches to companies that do not meet the requirements of the law. 

International Forex brokers MaxiTrade, Saxo Bank, and OANDA are examples of brokerage companies who are not only able to follow the rules implemented by regulators, but are also able to establish successful working relations with traders around the globe. 

How to win the trust of a trader

Unfair or uncivilised competition exists wherever there is a chance of earning money. Various reviews are written that accuse this or that company as being fraudulent, despite the lack of evidence. 

It is actually challenging to distinguish law-abiding companies from those that are not. Some people do not even think twice about enlisting a company whom they have not done a thorough investigation on and end up losing their funds overnight. Putting your complete trust on the players of the industry is tough.

What then is so attractive about MaxiTrade, Saxo Bank, and OANDA? Firstly, all of them are always open and willing to communicate with the client to attempt at resolving his or her problems. Secondly, the companies provide their users all possible aids to better their financial strategies. The companies give their users the ability to trade with numerous financial instruments, access to detailed fundamental and technical analysis, various tools for trading, and the availability of advice. Through these helps, the trader will never feel alone. 

Let’s review all these companies separately.

The advantages of Forex brokers MaxiTrade, Saxo Bank and OANDA

Saxo Bank enjoys a well-deserved reputation. Being popular in the trading scene, Saxo Bank offers a large selection of financial instruments such as currency pairs, CFD-contracts, stocks and bonds, futures, options, and much more. 

Customers are invited to open three types of accounts. A trader, however, may find opening an account through Saxo Bank challenging as the minimum deposit for the opening of a Classic account is $10,000.00, this might prove quite a lot for a newbie in the market. Not everyone will be able to open a Platinum account as there is a minimum amount of $200,000.00. On the other hand, a VIP account can only be available to what are called, “chosen” who will have to deposit an amount starting $1,000,000.00.

Saxo Bank has developed its own trading platforms; the company’s technical capabilities are quite high. It has a highly responsive customer support centre that caters to customer inquiries from more than 180 countries with its offices located in major cities. 

OANDA enjoys a solid reputation and has been operating in the market for a good 20 years. OANDA offers various financial instruments and also has its own trading platforms. Any trader from any walk of life can always count on good customer support with the company. Its reliability and quality of work is unparalleled.

MaxiTrade, while much younger than the aforementioned companies, has already managed to establish itself. Unscrupulous competitors who write many negative reviews on the internet are usually not just happy with MaxiTrade‘s position. In this case, you can read about scam and fraud–accusations of a company as a fraudster. However, MaxiTrade adequately copes with this negativity and simply focuses its attention to its customers. It is not, in any way, threatened by bad reviews.

MaxiTrade’s official website is definitely one of note. It boasts of a lot of functions and can be conveniently navigated through. Much like Saxo Bank and OANDA, it offers quite a variety of financial tools. A trader can choose currencies, stocks, stock indices, commodities, precious metals, etc. 

In addition to the widely-known MetaTrader4, trading can easily be conducted on the MaxiTrade platform. The company’s own platform is distinguished by instant replenishment of the account, a convenient format for working with limit orders, a variety of time-frames and a unique technology: the built-in Autochartist trading signal system. In addition, the company offers users to undergo training for working on the platform.

The minimum amount for opening an account also draws attention. For only $500.00, you can already start working with MaxiTrade, thus, attracting a huge number of customers. Given the level of leverage of up to 1:200, the trader can count on solid profit. Among other financial advantages, MaxiTrade also offers low spreads that allow you to work almost without loss. On top of this, there are no commissions, there is a convenient system of account replenishment, and users are permitted easy withdrawal of profits.

A plus for MaxiTrade customers is the ability to use a large amount of analytical materials. The analytics includes daily and weekly forecasts, a calendar of financial and economic news, charts and quotes, and quarterly reporting dates for the largest global corporations that influence the financial market. 

MaxiTrade keeps all its activities in check and is wholly careful with its reputation. As such, its customers only keep increasing.