While some of the mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, have been treading water and witnessing a downtrend movement, Theta’s THETA and TFUEL, as well as Polygon’s MATIC, have been showing positive trends: though occasionally hitting lows, all three demonstrated spikes and overall growth in price, positioning themselves as one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies on the market over the last month.

The buzz around the two networks and their native currencies as well as the community’s demand for more lucrative crypto exchange offers for MATIC, THETA and TFUEL made an instant crypto exchange aggregator Swapzone take a closer look at listed currencies to address the need for the best crypto exchange rates that it picks across the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Both Theta’s tokens gained over 50% in the light of the forthcoming Mainnet 3.0 launch, scheduled for June 30. But that may not be the only reason. Governed by THETA and fueled by TFUEL, the Theta network has also recently partnered with Creative Artists Agency, or CAA, one of the most prominent Hollywood sports and entertainment agencies that will join other big-name validators, such as Google, Sony and Samsung. This collaboration, according to Theta Labs co-founder and CEO Mitch Liu, will steer the project’s advancement in terms of full decentralization and help gain Theta wider acceptance.

Another hidden gem to look out for is Polygon’s Matic. Despite the fact that the MATIC price is falling after the recent breakout, according to analysts, the market may anticipate a sharp trend reversal, thanks to Polygon’s sidechain architecture. With social media dominance, immense tech milestones achieved and Mark Cuban’s vocal interest in the project, Polygon only continues to attract investors and secure partnerships to penetrate new industries, including insurance. Together with Infosys Ltd. Polygon hopes to reshape the sphere with the M-Setu initiative – an open-source Ethereum bridge designed to facilitate the porting of insurance policies.

“Adding support for currencies that are in great demand is crucial for us as a crypto exchange aggregator, whether a certain trend is random and occasional or not, since our main priority is to serve as an all-encompassing one-stop solution that has offers for any crypto pair, be it DOGE to BTC or BTC to THETA. Having projects with solid technology frameworks like Polygon and Theta is also something we’re very proud of”, says Swapzone.

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