, a cryptocurrency firm and earn marketplace, is happy to announce the completion of the first stage of its NFT Token Offering (NTO). The company is now moving into Stage Two, which is intended to run until January 18.

On January 3rd, successfully concluded the first “Green” stage of its NTO, selling out 100% of Choby NFTs reserved for this stage and raising $750,000 in the process. This success demonstrates that the new type of NFT offering introduced by has the interest of the crypto community and the potential to be successful in this market.

In addition to being a new type of token distribution, NTO introduces a new asset class concept – overcollateralized NFTs. All NFTs offered via the NTO are backed by the company’s native CHO tokens which are traded on exchanges. Hence, each NFT carries actual market value, which is a major step-up compared to the previously vague and, therefore, risky NFT investment models.

There are six stages planned in the NTO launch, with the number of NFTs offered increasing with each stage. has now moved to conducting the second, “Yellow” stage of the offering. With the price now standing at $200, Choby tokens represent a very attractive opportunity for those who want to purchase CHO tokens at a price below the market one, which currently stands at $900 per 1,000 CHO tokens.

Each Choby NFT contains a 1,000 CHO tokens and every 5th Choby gives way for various perks and bonuses, such as cashback of up to 99%. In addition, if the second stage is successful, concluding with a 100% sellout, holders of at least 5 Chobies with one minted during the current stage stand a chance at winning the grand prize – a Tesla electric car.

The long-term goal of is to introduce new standards of NFT and token distribution. The Chobies NTO collection marks the company’s first step in this direction. NFTs represent a great tool for tokenizing various financial and creative assets, and they are in great focus in the current crypto market.’s newest NFT offering model represents a new way for companies to raise necessary funds for the development of their products while catering to the market’s needs. That will allow everyone to benefit and revolutionise the NFT market in the long-term.

If you have a desire to participate in the next big trend, visit the website to learn more about NTO.

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