The experts in welding and field joint coating Serimax have created a fantastic innovative new coating solution. When you have on shoreline pipes a field joint is what is applied to and covers the place where the two pipelines meet and are welded together.They are then field joint coated adding an extra layer for stability and security.

The old and usual process of coating the welded pipe joints is done in a purley manual way. This meant having often nervous clients as the job can take a long time risking slowing down the whole project as each one had to be manually taken care of. Clients can be very demanding in today marketplace and constantly looking for ways to streamline the business process. Also, the time took on each joint coasting to have optimum value and security matters. The entire industry has been trying to work on a solution that works giving the same level of quality coating but at a much faster rate. Seminex took up and more than fulfilled that challenge.

Serimax Field Joint Coating Design Team.

Utilising the field-proven Serimax ‘bug and band’ technology, the Serimax FJC design team, led by the Engineering Manager Mr. Andrew Stribley, have constructed the Orbiter™ system, a 2 component liquid coating arrangement that is set to revolutionise the field joint coating industry led by the market leader.

Orbiter™ is a sturdy, lightweight, automatic field joint coating spray machine with process observation and advanced data capturing. dodging the old necessity of mechanised lifting, it makes for a quick and safe choice for coating on land field joints with its fast multi-component liquid systems. Its speed, dependability, engineering, and efficiency makes the Orbiter it revolutionary within the close-knit world of field joint coating

The automated coating technology has not only cut back on initial costs but also and critically the application speed has been way reduced also the added benefit of reducing the solvent usage saving more money.

Seminex always make sure that anything that is to be taken to market will be rigorously tested in the field of operation by there field joint coating technologies and field users. The Orbiter system has now been field tested with over 200 miles of pipeline in some tough environments running through Azerbaijan and Georgia to Turkey from the Caspian Seashore.

Orbiter™ System far exceeding client expectation

The new coating technology has ensured a big reduction in personnel needed on a project. for instance, on high turnout inject coating of forty-eight in. pipes with liquid epoxy systems, it’s potential to half the required number of people. Removing the reliance on vehicles with mechanical lifting systems makes it easier and cheaper to provide the equipment needed in several regions of the planet wherever access would normally be a significant headache. what is more, in terms of speed, with the innovative artificial satellite system, it’s current potential to outperform any fastening crew, while not important modification to the instrumentality profile. it’s simply a matter of reconciliation the manning level to the target output and range of vehicles used.

Managing and Delivering Operations from the UK to Overseas

“The delivery of a project starts in Blackburn (UK), where we pack and check every item required from disposable gloves and screwdrivers through to containerised coating units for project use. The next step is sourcing and training local labour to assist with the project. Once on site we then set the equipment up, perform job safety analysis and start the work. Our supervisors perform daily site reports to keep our management team in the loop.” – Andrew Mullins, Project Manager.

Managing and supplying overseas contracts can often be difficult thanks to restrictions on importing and the managing a teamwork language barriers and native ethics or beliefs.

Serimax has always been a leader in the field and  has the expertise and power to handle the foremost complicated aspects of project management encompassing field joint coating because it has vast experience for many years.

“Serimax uses its experience in the field to support its customers by offering innovative coating solutions suited to their specific needs. Our Orbiter range provides speed, repeatability and global competitiveness necessary for demanding field joint applications. We constantly improve our solutions to maintain our leader position in welding and coating services,” – Louis-Nicolas Hallez, Managing Director at Serimax Field Joint Coating.