Affine Consulting has teamed up with IAMTech to provide a unique software solution that could save industrial companies millions of dollars.

IAMTech, whose products address critical gaps in the world’s leading oil, gas, chemical, mining and energy companies, has launched its industrial software in America, after experiencing major success in the UK and across the world. The company’s products are used across 23 countries by leading firms including ALTRAD, CF Industries, DIAB Engineering, INEOS and Kaefer.

iPlan, one of IAMTech’s core products, provides critical information in real time, and has been developed to help industrial organizations with their routine maintenance on equipment as well as react swiftly in the event of a shutdown or outage. 

The software, which includes a mobile app, improves safety, saves time, avoids costly mistakes and heightens compliance as well as productivity rates. Available in three versions, the software can notify companies immediately when a shutdown is urgently needed, meaning that workers and third party contractors can access the information and task list they need urgently, without direct access to the core system, which is great for optimum security. 
An industrial asset owner had an annual routine maintenance budget of $37m and by using the new software, he saved $3.6m in the first year, amongst other things, by eradicating the need for outsourcing work pack generation to expensive third parties.

Now Affine Consulting, an asset management consulting firm, has signed an agreement to bring the advanced software solutions IAMTech offer into a range of markets abroad.

Owner Doug Kibler, said: “The ability to improve planning operations with direct support of safety and environmental applications without impacting the core management systems is critical to improved operations at asset-intensive industries.”

“Working with a company that has the confidence to publish its software prices for industrial solutions is unheard of in this market.”

Ross Coulman, CEO of IAM Tech, added: “Affine will be supporting the market availability of these solutions in North America including Canada, mainland United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile. We are excited about the prospect of expanding our global footprint with our partnership with Affine Consulting.” 

IAMTech, the world’s largest independent industrial software provider, also offers companies a chance to check out its return on investment calculator, to show them how much they could save by implementing the software.
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Affine ConsultingAffine Consulting was founded out of the market disruption driven by COVID19. The company, based in the Greater New Orleans Louisiana area, works with large asset-intensive industries across multiple market segments to include oil and gas, petrochemical, public sector, and power generation and transmission to achieve improved asset management capability. 

IAMTechIAMTech was founded in 1973 and remains one of the last independent industrial software vendors. Located in North East England, Stockton On Tees, UK, the company celebrates over 50 years in the industry with customers in over 23 countries world-wide including ALTRAD, CF Industries, DIAB Engineering, INEOS, Kaefer, SABIC, Sadara Chemicals, SBM Offshore, UPM, VALEO & VENATOR. 

IAM Tech also offers six other software products: Health, Safety, and Environmental management including Safety Permits and Isolations (IAMPermit), Asbestos Management (IAMAsbestos), Thermal Radiation Modeling (IAMThermal), and Atmospheric Gas Dispersion Modeling (IAMDispersion). 

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