HelloPrint might be the largest platform for custom print products, but it had humble beginnings. Originating from the Netherlands, Rotherdam to be specific, the company which started with a single office, has grown to have branches in nine countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United Kingdom) around the world.

Here are the reasons HelloPrint has grown into one of the largest producers of print products in just 10 years:

Local products for an international community

Since its launch in 2013, HelloPrint has steadily increased its number of providers with each passing year. With a recorded number of 160 providers in 2013, the number is around 300 high-quality producers right now and is still rising sharply.

HelloPrint ensures printing is done as locally as possible with intelligent algorithms to connect both local and international carriers over the span of 30 countries to ensure customers receive their orders as promptly as possible.

Printing is for everyone

The HelloPrint motto: “Making ordering print easier. For everyone, everywhere.”, simplifies what they stand for. They grew their success through a simple e-commerce principle: ordering must be easy, even for newcomers. By sticking to this strategy, they made what was normally a very complicated industry quite simple. Before HelloPrint, print products usually needed “middlemen”; someone creates the design, another prints, and another packages. By satisfying all these needs, they gained control of the market.

A visionary leader

The success of HelloPrint did not come by chance; founder and CEO Hans Scheffer has been in the print business for 23 years now. The HelloPrint CEO had already become an entrepreneur at just 17 years old, venturing into printing not long after. In an interview with Startup Valencia, Hans Scheffer spoke about how he created two other start-ups before HelloPrint: “For all those events, we needed printed materials, in a time that there was no social media. I came up with an idea to design all the flyers for 3 months for all the parties and then try to combine them on the biggest print sheet I could find. This turned out to be much more efficient than before, and we decided to start a business model with it: Flyerflyer.nl and Posterposter.nl.

It was at the time Google was introducing Google Adwords, and we were there at the right moment. It was our first “e-commerce model,” and we grew on the rhythm of an organically changing world. We became market leaders in the Netherlands and expanded to Belgium. In 2010, we got an offer to sell the company to a listed company in the UK called Printing.com, and we decided to do so. I joined the Executive Board of the company, but soon I realised that I was too much of an entrepreneur to work in a listed company. I decided to leave, worked for a year as a teacher at the University of Applied Science before I decided to go back to the industry. I brought “the band back together”, and with the four of us, we started Helloprint.”.

Focus on the community

HelloPrint places a high priority on building an active and diverse community. It is not hard to see the value this company places on culture with one look at the team, which currently consists of over 200 people from 34 different countries. To ensure communication between the company and its clients is never broken, HelloPrint customer service is available in 20 languages.

“We give our people space and freedom to be in control of their professional life, and they appreciate it. We’re all equal,” said Hans Scheffer in an interview with 42 Workspace, displaying how much the HelloPrint family values their community.

Believe in young talent

One of HelloPrint’s core values is a belief in young talent. Young people bring fresh ideas and are always looking to be innovative. Innovation does not come without risk, but HelloPrint encourages this risk. HelloPrint is truly open to innovation and is always looking to improve itself to stay ahead in the market.

Young aspiring entrepreneurs are also always hardworking and tenacious, consistently looking for ways to bring success to themselves and the company they work for. HelloPrint ensures to repay this tenacity and drive by providing a platform in the form of tutorships and mentorships to help these young talents become entrepreneurs themselves.

Present great quality

Without amazing quality, there would be no point in creating a platform to make printing easy. HelloPrint prides themselves on the quality they provide. Also offering a host of items, from clothes (hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, and jumpers) to outdoor signage (banners, signs, and flags) to promotional material (flyers and posters) and many more. With the quality they present and the variety they have in stock, it’s easy to see why they run the print market.

Customers also testify to the quality of their products, as HelloPrint has a rating of 4.3 stars on Trustpilot, with over 81% of customers giving it a 5-star rating based on over 6,500 reviews.

Efforts for the environment

HelloPrint supports the environment in an ever-polluting sector by reducing their own carbon footprint and ensuring a sustainable means of production.

HelloPrint takes responsibility for the damage the sector they work in causes and contributes to bettering the future of the ecosystem however they can.

With aims for netzero by 2030, HelloPrint has taken steady steps to the future by being both B Corp. certified and FSC certified, signifying their dedication to maintaining a balance between profit and purpose through high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.


Now that you have a full breakdown of who HelloPrint is and what they stand for, you can rest assured that there could be no better choice of a partner for quality printing.