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5 Smart hiring Tips for Startups

As with any business, the colleagues behind the brand are the foundations of its success. Being able to find the right candidates for the job though can take time, from receiving the CV’s to making the final decision on who to choose for the role.

There are many large brands out there which can be very appealing to candidates on the job search. However, there are still ways for smaller business’ to stand out from the competition and acquire the top people at your company who can help pursue the goals of your startup business. Below are 5 steps you can take that will help with gaining the best individuals for the job through your hiring :

  1. Honesty around what you require and the changes you make.

Unsettled and demotivated staff can be worrying for team morale, especially if they’re unaware of the changes happening. Make sure it’s clear to your staff about what you expect from them for the sake of the business. As with any start up, there will be frequent changes occurring as you continue to grow and adapt to its needs. It’s important that potential candidates are aware of this beforehand so they can prepare for it later down the line, and remain comfortable getting to terms with the changes. Being able to communicate well with potential new members of the team about expectations will help them settle, and can almost make them feel excited about what to expect for the future. Otherwise, you may find that employees will start to become disgruntled in their day-to-day work.

  1. Create a strong rapport with all the candidates.

Whilst candidates are looking for jobs, it can be encouragement to them if they feel wanted by the company approaching them. Coming across as welcoming to job seekers can create an appeal to want to work for you and they’ll feel valued from your initial approach. Investing the time develop the rapport can help with this. If it happens that the candidate isn’t the one you were looking for, as long as the relationship has been built they could help to promote the brand through due to their experience in the recruitment process. It’s always worth asking those who have been rejected for the job to encourage others to apply, perhaps through an incentive of your own like referrals to jobs elsewhere.

  1. Provide benefits that are worthwhile

Initially, start up businesses are hard to predict in terms of their future success so it may not be worth providing false hope about it. Instead, offer other ways to make the candidates experience more enjoyable in the role. Putting an informal twist on development can be a great way to encourage job seekers to jump on board with the business. Anything from social events to discounted courses can help promote morale within the office and continue to challenge employees.

  1. Get help in the hiring process.

Although you may know the ideal candidate you’re looking for to fill the role you’ve advertised, it can be a bit of a juggle sometimes to manage a start-up and search for potential job seekers. For example, you may be dealing with the commercial property management side of things whilst recruiting staff also. You’re a start-up that’s wishing for success and with each individual hired, you’re wanting it to continue the development of the company so far. To make sure you find the right one, you may require further help. Seek help with finding the right candidates for your job advertisement, or understanding interview techniques to make the most of your hiring process.

  1. Continue your manner once they’re hired.

Although the papers have been signed and the candidate’s been on-boarded, continue to motivate them about the opportunities available in the company. Make sure they’ve had an easy process of entering the business so when they first start, they’re motivated and excited about what’s to come. Welcome the new recruit in a positive way, providing support along the way and making sure they have the tools at their disposal to succeed. This way, your company will continue to grow whilst retaining the valuable colleagues who have grown within the business.