Fashion and style are ways of expressing who you are, so why should your age stop you doing so? From a young age, women have heard you need to tone down your outfit. But then as we age, we are then told “you can’t wear a top that low” or “a figure-hugging skirt, at your age?”. Fashion is all about fun and experimentation, so why should there be rules to follow?

Looking at magazines can often make you feel older and frumpier than you are, but what’s stopping you from taking tips from the younger generation? If fashion is a circle, why should it have an age limit? Let’s take a look at different ways you can refresh your look and keep yourself feeling young!

Classics never lose style

As climate change issues rise, many are concerned about the role their fashion choices play. In the UK, we buy more clothes than any other country in Europe, so what can we do to lessen our impact on the environment? One simple way to elevate your style is by nailing the basics. You most likely already have a lot in your wardrobe but its just finding different ways to pair them. Try your favourite pair of jeans with a T-shirt and a classic blazer, maybe even borrow your partner’s items for an oversized look! This could work great for the office or after-work drinks, giving you a seamless look that lasts all day! When checking your wardrobe out you may even find old items that are back at the height of fashion.

Likeminded women

The images in magazines often don’t reflect reality, making it harder for real women to visualise how they will feel in an item. It’s all about finding a brand that reflects you. Thankfully, due to the rise of boutique outlets, women can have a more personal shopping experience. Chic Happens based in Lancashire prides itself on helping women feel their best and recently sponsored a Loose Women UK tour. As women, we lead very busy lives with little to no time to traipse around websites and shopping centres. This led Chic Happens owner Claire to offer personal style and fashion advice without overwhelming customers.

“At Chic Happens we are passionate about helping women feel their very best by helping them discover their style mojo. Wearing the right cut for your body shape gives you inner confidence and strength, and we are here to help, advise you, and give you the confidence to be the very best version of you!”

So next time you take a walk around your local town, why not pop into your local boutique to get some friendly advice!

Make it your own

When trying new styles, you may be able to look elsewhere in your home before browsing the shops. You may not be the same size as your daughter but there’s plenty inspiration you can take for free from her wardrobe, without anything going missing! You may even be able to coordinate a look for your next family event!

One trend that’s very popular with the younger generation is Athleisure. Why not dress down your favourite dress with a pair of trainers rather than heels for a more casual day look. Alternatively, as the months get colder, women’s boots are making a big return as a staple this season. You could even ask your daughter how she plans to wear hers and bond together over fashion.

Fashion is all about expressing yourself and making sure you feel comfortable in your looks. You shouldn’t feel pressured to go too far with things, but with encouragement from others, you may just find new things that surprise you.